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About Us

How We Got Here and Our Mission Statement

Headwaters Elevator and Lifts is dedicated to this industry. We offer installation of elevators for commercial as well as residential; stair chairs for the elderly and disabled, incline lifts for those confined to wheelchairs, porch lifts for the garage or deck, we also provide automatic door openers for the home. 

The owner of Headwaters Elevator and Lifts has worked with many other companies. He’s taken companies from a moderate installation standpoint and increased the number by 50%, this in turn has resulted in repeat business and increase in staff.

Why is this information important?  It shows not only that Headwaters Elevator and Lifts can do the work, but they care about the end user and the contractors. We want to see you happy and most importantly the end user.  Headwaters Elevator and Lifts offers the FULL package, unlike other companies that install and walk away from the customer, we not only get the sale, we want to ensure that the lift or elevator is looked after, therefore a maintenance program is offered with every lift, and a warranty is provided with every purchase. 

The units we install are not just at random.  We investigate the units, we look for QUALITY products.  The products are tested to ensure they meet our high standards then we will proceed with a sale and installation of a unit.  Not all lifts or elevators are created equal, with this knowledge, we ensure that every home is carefully inspected to ensure that the installation will not only be a SMOOTH one, but aSAFE and SECURE one.

The owner here at Headwaters Elevator and Lifts has a rather vast background in the construction side of the industry.  He's worked in Research and Development and knows what to look for in quality products.  We have instilled this knowledge and standards into the employees of Headwaters Elevator and Lifts to ensure every single installation is the same and is installed on time, with professional and courteous installers ensuring the work is complete, not only to the contractor's satisfaction, but the customer's satsfaction as well.  We are adamant that our employees teach and strongly ensure that every customer is aware of everything to do with their unit, whether it be a full sized residential elevator or a stair chair, we make sure that they are comfortable with the unit prior to exiting the premises with promises that anything they may have questions/concerns with after we have left they have a number they can call to have the answers within minutes.

Our "Mission Statement" is simple:


We want to make sure that everyone is happy with their installation, not just satisfied.  We have many extremely loyal and happy customers that would refer Headwaters Elevator and Lifts to friends and family because of the quick and courteous responses, the fast installation, and the need to make sure each customer is strongly trained on the uses of their equipment to avoid any mishaps.  We ask questions, we answer questions, it's what we do, it's what we are the best at.  We strive for every single purchase and installation to be perfect.

Do you expect the best?  Call Headwaters Elevator and Lifts Services for  your next project.  We will not only give you the best installation, but we will give the best price.

We are strong and confident in our abilities to shine, as well as be your NUMBER 1 on speed dial for any and all elevator installation regardless of the type, as well as any maintenance that needs to be performed on your units.  We know how to install and we know how to teach and train.  This is the main focus as no other company would do this for their customers.  We are adamant on ensuring everyone is comfortable when we leave.  That's our want.  That's our GOAL here at Headwaters Elevator and Lifts.

The question now; will you let Headwaters Elevator and Lifts Services "Lift You Up"?