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One Stop Shop...We Do It All!

Here at Headwaters Elevator and Lifts Services, we are inclined to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied and thrilled with the purchase and installation of all of our equipment.  With this, we do all the work, including construction, to ensure that everything is installed correctly, on time, and with our client's budget in mind at all times!


With a Wheelchair/Platform Lift, there are a few things that must be done prior to the lift being installed.  There needs to be an area dug out and filled with concrete, as well as a length from the driveway to the concrete pad to ensure easy access.  Also, there needs to be a "Deck Topper" created to get directly into your home.  A "Deck Topper" is exactly as it sounds.  A wood deck made of weather acceptable wood is built to go on top of the original made to be the exact height of your entry way.  As soon as you come off of the lift, it's a quick roll directly into your house!


In providing the above service, we eliminate using a 3rd party to do the construction work for us, leaving us much more room to be just that much more cost effective for the same end result.  Most companies out there have a 3rd party construction crew that does the concrete pad and deck topper that can cost you THOUSANDS more then what is necessary!  We have your budget in mind and will do whatever it takes to meet or come in BELOW your MAX BUDGET!  This is what we do, it's our expertise, and we want to make sure you get to stay in your home as long as possible by making it incredibly accessible!


If you plan on moving, or no longer require the above needs, just give us a call and we will come in and remove it and re-install it for you at your new location if you need it!  If you do not need it anymore, again, give us a call and we will buy it back from you at an extremely competible price to allow it to be used again by someone else in need. 


If service/maintenance is all you need, please check out a little more information on our "PRODUCTS" page at the very bottom for a little more information!