Stair & Wheel Chair Lifts


At Headwaters Elevator and Lifts Services Inc. we want to make your home as comfortable and as accessible as possible. Our go-to for stairlifts is Acorn Stairlifts. They are the leading manufacturer of stairlifts in Canada and we are proud to be a dealer for Acorn. Our prices are very reasonable that always include installation in our quotes. The stairlifts come standard with 15.5 feet of track, for any staircase that requires more than 15.5 feet of track, please contact us for pricing. We can also be contacted for removal and re-install of your stairlift should you decide to move. For more information on moving your stairlift to a new location, please visit the “Contact Us” page and call or email us.


We are a dealer to a few different locations providing wheelchair lifts for residential and commercial applications. We will come out to your location and help you decide the best location to put the unit, take the proper measurements, afterward a quote based directly on what we took in from your location will be provided to you within approximately 24 hours. We provide the unit and the installation for the cost of the quote. This does NOT include the concrete pad that first must be laid in order to fasten the wheelchair lift to, nor do we provide the deck work for easy access to your home, but can provide you with information on who you can contact should you require that information.

Servicing Eastern and Northern Ontario, Headwaters Elevator provides installation and service to both residential and commercial clients.


We want to make sure that everyone is happy with their installation, not just satisfied. We have many extremely loyal and happy customers that would refer Headwaters Elevator and Lifts to friends and family because of the quick and courteous responses, the fast installation, and the need to make sure each customer is strongly trained on the uses of their equipment to avoid any mishaps. We ask questions, we answer questions, it's what we do, it's what we are the best at. We strive for every single purchase and installation to be perfect.

Do you expect the best? Call Headwaters Elevator and Lifts Services for your next project. We will not only give you the best installation, but we will give the best price.

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